Interest Free Loans
Trust-Group specialises in grant proposals and applications to the Israel Free Loan Association on behalf of its clients. This is a philanthropic association whose aim is to assist people in starting and developing businesses.
As part of the application process for an interest free loan from the Association the applicant must:

· Prove that the business meets the Association’s criteria
· Choose between a grant for starting/developing a business or a grant for working capital
Provide guarantors on the loan
· Organise a bank standing order/direct debit for repayments of the loan
· Provide a business plan*

*The business plan must be made by a business advisor who is authorised by the Association. 
Yair Azulay, Trust-Group’s CEO is authorised by the 
Israel Free Loan Association to prepare grant proposals and make recommendations on behalf of his clients.
It should be noted that the decision to whether or not a loan will be granted to an applicant is soley in the jurisdiction of the Association and may be contrary to the opinion and recommendation of Trust-Group.
Pertinent Information:
· Maximum loan amount is 90,000 shekels for business investment; 60,000 shekels for working capital
· The Association will not consider proposals that do not meet its criteria.
· Loans are for small businesses only, whose monthly turnover does not exceed 150,000 shekels.
· The applicant must be between 22 and 67 years old.
· The business must open a Value Added Tax file.
· An application must be accompanied by a business plan.
· An applicant whose bank account had restrictions/limitations imposed on it in the past, must wait a   year since the restrictions were lifted before applying.
· Anyone who has filed for bankruptcy, has an open file with the Debt Collectors Office/Hotzaot           LePoel, has a warning against his name in the banking system, or has a lien registered on his bank       account, is ineligible to receive a loan.
· The Association's committee does not have set times that it convenes to decide on applications.       Therefore it can take up to two months to receive an answer.
· The committee provides a written response to the applying organisation a day after the decision        has been made.
· The  committee does not disclose reasons for its decisions for accepting or refusing proposals.  Nor   does it allow appeals to be made.

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